AddressBook fr Windows

Its well-designed screens and extremly high user freindliness enable you to get up and running without a lot of learning


Working as part of your team, Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar and contact list manager - the ideal companion for small teams and individuals. With its automatic, serverless synchronisation you need not give a second thought to how you maintain


Pimero Free Edition

Pimero is a convenient appointment calendar, task list planner and contact manager. With its automatic, serverless synchronisation every PC is up to date at any time. Additionally you get a easy to use, modern and configurable user user interface. With

Outlook Infodesk  v.8 3

The information-, project- and documentmanagementsystem on base of Microsoft Outlook Outlook Infodesk can be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Outlook © (versions 2002-2007) and Microsoft Office © (versions 97-2007).

AddressBook for Windows  v.7 1

Addresses can be printed as labels (all formats), lists or directly on Couvert. Many interfaces to other programs make the simple delivery possible e.g. directly to Winword or Excel with just one mouse click.

Nexo  v.4.0

Nexo ist ein leistungsfähiges, zuverlässiges und mit zahlreichen Extras (z.B. Personalisierung, Vornamensanalyse, Datenabgleich u.v.m.) ausgestattetes Programm zur Analyse, Pflege und Optimierung Ihrer Adressbestände.

Caleido Address-Book 2007  v.7.10

Caleido Address-Book ist die perfekte Adress- und Kontaktverwaltung f+-r kleine und mittlere Firmen, f+-rs Home-Office, f+-r den Verein oder f+-r den anspruchsvollen Privatanwender.

Address Exchange  v.1.6.1

The program syncronizes Apples address book and existing FileMaker Pro (Version 5, 5.

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